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New Product Sponsor … Hoo Rag! The Better Bandana

Check out this video on Backstabber Lures! Keith Ray, a buddy of mine and inventor of Backstabber Lures, as well as Charlie Ingram explain the features and benefits of the product. I highly suggest you get several of these lures to try for yourself… you will see why they are re-inventing the crankbait!

Here is pro angler Chris Jackson with a introduction to the Jackall Lures Soul Shad 68SP… I’ve been using them this year and love this bait! … Quality engineering is shown with this product (and all products) from Jackall Lures.

Director of Sales and Marketing for Jackall Lures (Kurt Arkawa) explains the new Jackall Siera Minnow and the “I-Motion” technique. This is one of many great products from Jackall Lures that I will be using and demonstrating this year… check it out!

For years us serious anglers have known about “The Rod Glove” … Here’s another explanation of the benefits of this product.

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