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Short Strike Tip

Here’s a quick tip on how to counteract short strking bass. Modifying your soft plastics to fit the conditions is a must for maximizing your bite and hookup ratio!

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Jackall Soul Shad 68SP

One of the many fine products I will be reviewing this year is the Jackall Soul Shad 68SP. This past weekend (May 21 st) I traveled to Lake Erie to fish for Smallmouth Bass that are begining their shallow water … Continue reading

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Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything when targeting gamefish of all species. Time of year, time of day, time of season, etc. All variables pointed at the correct time and place will lead to success on the water. The fall transition has set … Continue reading

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Post Spawn Transition Areas

Summer is now here and the bass fishing, in Western PA, has heated up along with the hot temperatures. The Largemouth Bass have completed their spawning for the year and are now in a post spawn pattern. Post spawn largemouth … Continue reading

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