Cold Water Transition

The transition to winter is usually the time to hang up the gear and wait for the spring thaw but the anglers that are still in search of trophy bass can still enjoy the benefits of a difficult time game with cold water temperatures. Once the water hits the 40′s the bass transition into the deeper holes and their metabolisim slows dramatically. Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth bass can become very difficlut to catch in most waters with the exception of the Great Lakes. To counteract the effects of lake turnover (warm water sinks while the colder water rises to the surface) and angler can turn to the river systems for some of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing of the year. When the water temp. is in the mid to low 40′s the Smallmouth will drop into the deeper winter holes in a river system. They transition from the current areas down into the deeper holes and position on cover along breaklines. This transition will last several weeks and an angler can follow the bass each outing down to the depths until the bite shuts off. The weather and current will dictate their position from each day but your best bets will be blade baits, tubes, plastics, and jigs. It’s important to match what the bass are feeding on in the system. Their prey includes crawfish, and suckers.  I would recommend All-Terrain Tackle Football Jigs, Venom Lures Tubes, Sweet Dreams, and Mighty-Mites using heavy (1/2 ounce) weights… Be natural in your presentation, contact the bottom depths, fish with the current, and you can enjoy natures final thrill in bass fishing for the year.

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