Jackall IOBEE Frog

With the hot days and nights of summer in full swing, nothing beats the excitement of a topwater bite for big Largemouth.. and no better weapon than a well designed frog imitation. Bass seek out the shelter and shade of thick weeds and pad when the water is warm. You may find that the water temp is sometimes 10 degrees cooler under the vegitation even in water less than a foot deep. This time of year is prime for a topwater bite that can last all day and into the night. Although you can fish a frog all day, I prefer to have a stout braided line rod rigged up at all times with a frog and cast to select targets as I see them. My favorite targets are thick weeds, pads, shoreline wood, and pockets with current. Anywhere fish are actively feeding is a great place to present this ambush bait… especially when you see one boil on the surface… in this case I always toss a frog at the target even in open water.

I have been using the Jackall Lures IOBEE Frog this year with great success. From all reviews, and my own findings, this is by far the best frog lure on the market. Jackall introduced this lure at the beginning of 2012 and has raised the attention of many major publications and fisherman around the country. The hollow body lure was designed by the pros to include features such as castability, body molded around the hooks (increase hookup ratio), stout and sharp hooks, durable plastic hollow body with room for sound chambers, rubber strand legs, and of course the signature Jackall good looks. I’ve been using this product and I highly reccommend this lure to all! Rrrrribbbittt!

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