Fall Smallmouth Bass and All-Terrain Tackle

  With the water temerature cooling off into the forties, the fishing gets hot! When most have already hung up their gear for the year, those that hunt fish are taking every chance they can get to hit the water.  When water temperature falls, gamefish instictively know to start feeding.  This time of year can be a bonanza for big Bass, Musky, Pike, Walleye, etc.  It’s important to slow your presentation down no matter what lures you are using, but anglers know that bass jigs are the perfect weapon in the fall season.

  When selecting the right jig, anglers must take in consideration the type of structure and cover they are fishing to present the right bait.  I have selected All-Terrain Tackle Jigs as the manufacture of choice in the jig market for their versitility and coverage of all the different types of jigs.  They make a variety of jigs… Football jigs… Standard A.T. Jigs… Weed Jigs… Skippin Jigs… Swimmin Jigs… Mighty Jigs… etc.

When fishing ledges with rock and rubble, I will usually throw the Football Jig.  This jig provies a football type wobble to the bait and is perfect for working on rock leges (creek channels, roads, etc).  The extra wide head and rough bottom of the All-Terrain Tackle Football Jig provides the perfect desigin to “stand up” the jig on the bottom.

When fishing stumps or flipping cover, the standard A.T. Jig fits into the holes very nicely and provides the right sound, durability, and weed gaurd to get the job done… again has the tread to provide the stand-up feature used to fish slow.

Although this time of year, most of the weeds have died off, the Weed Jig can still be used to punch the grass mats if they exist on the waters you are fishing… and the Swim Jigs are effective when catching suspended fish.

For those of you that like to Shakey Head… I recommed the Mighty Jig!  No weed gaurd on this product which allows you to rig the hook into the plastic as you would do with a Shakey Head, and the tread provides the stand up that other jigs are not going to provide.  I like this jig on the Great Lakes while fishing the mussle beds!

This fall I have taken many trips to both small and large bodies of water in search of the biggest Smallmouth Bass I could find.  In 4 trips over two weeks, I have caught almost 20 Smallmouth over 5 lbs! … all of which came on All-Terrain Tackle Jigs rigged with a skirt and craw trailer or just rigged with soft plastics.  Bass are oportunistic feeders this time of year.  It’s important to match what the bass are feeding on this time of year (baitfish), but bottom fishing with jigs should not be overlooked either.  For the most part a jig is more of a craw imitation, but when presented to the bass as an easy meal, they will not resist when they are in feeding mode.  Slow work makes big bass bite!  In addition to the beautiful smallies this fall, I have also hooked into 4 large Musky on All-Terrain Tackle Jigs! … This is not unusual since Musky will gather around creek channels and ledges this time of year to chase bait.  The All-Terrain Tackle Jigs catch-um all !   … Skinard


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